A Brody Alpert

My name is Alison Brody and I am a Community Chaplain. 

I am endorsed by The Humanist Society and have worked and volunteered in hospitals, nursing homes, and prisons in the New York area. 

As a Chaplain I bring the collective values of our communities within institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, military settings, schools, non-profit programs, police departments, and universities; I am always hoping to engage with people from any faith tradition. 

I talk with people about end-of-life questions, concerns, and planning. I also talk with people after the death of a loved-one, offering support and, when wanted, an opportunity to reflect and consider beliefs about death.

For a little over 40 years I have been a community social worker in New York City, in programs with people living on the streets, in public hospitals, and in community-based organizations. 

I studied at The Jewish Theological Seminary in the 1980s and years later was ordained at Mesifta Adath Wolkowisk. 

Talk To A Chaplain About:
* values
* choices
* uncertainties
* priorities

I am registered as a marriage officiant in New York City, and meet with couples to discuss their readiness to marry, prepare for commitment ceremonies, and to officiate at weddings.

As a chaplain, I am glad to visit people in hospitals or nursing homes, to exchange letters with individuals who are incarcerated, and to talk with people in person or by phone about various concerns.

  • preparing living wills and healthcare proxies;
  • questions about putting values and preferences into daily practice;
  • end-of-life choices...

I do not have set fees. If you are able, you can contribute what you wish to support my work as a Chaplain ~ you can use the form below.